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Warsaw – a Vegan Paradise?

Polish cuisine is definitely something that tourists enjoy while visiting the capital of Poland. Dumplings, sausages, żurek is a must…the traditional cuisine has a lot to offer to meat eaters and vegetarians. What about vegans? Do not worry. According to Warsaw is the 7th most vegan friendly city in the world. More than 40…
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12 Christmas dishes

12 Christmas dishes In a few hours polish families will sit together to celebrate one of the most important holidays. Although this meal is reserved for the close family, it's customary to set an extra plate and seat for an unexpected guest. Most of the dishes served are cooked specifically for this special day – and only…
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5 main reasons why you should visit Warsaw this winter

Are you looking for the best winter destination? Poland is already in the holiday spirit. It's capital, Warsaw already transferred itself into a Christmas wonderland  full of light creations, ice skating rinks, and Christmas fairs. Why should you visit Warsaw in this magical scenery? Here are the main 5 reasons. Christmas Iluminations. The streets and…
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St. Andrew’s Day

Do you want to know your future? Wanna know when and who will you marry? Or do you want to know where will you travel next? On the night of the 29th of November, traditionally young women, now everyone celebrates st. Andrews day. It's a night of candles, magic and fortune-telling. Do you know any…
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