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Monument from the catalog of monuments of the capital city of Warsaw Registration number 73, Długa 6 Warsaw


It is a unique among the tenement houses of the oldtown in Warsaw because it is the only one in the Old and New Town that is 100% authentic. It survived World War II in its entirety, nothing even touched the roof! Only the outbuildings in the yard were partialy burnt. They were disasembled in the 1950s and 1960s. Before the war, the building was inhabited by the Bodytek family (a family of famous confectioners and bakers) until 1965. Then it stood abandoned for several years, was falling into desrepair, until 1971 when it was renovated by the communist government as the building for the State Archives. It is the only building in the Old and New Town in which the conservators left all the elements known from the latest iconographic records, the other houses around are current reconstructions that are largely the product of the imagination of architects and conservators.


The tenement house was built in place of a wooden house before 1754. It was built for the juror of Old Warsaw - Franciszek Paulin. In 1792 it already belonged to his heir Józef Paulin. At that time, it was a three-story, five-axis building. At the turn of the century, it often changed owners (including Mikołaj Tonkowicz (ca. 1821), the Zejdowski family (ca. 1862), Jan Miklaszewski (ca. 1908). During numerous renovations, it ended up looking as it does today – all of the decorations were removed, including the former decoration of the façade.


Since 2014, the tenement house is owned by Łucja and Ernest Mikołajczuk. They run a very popular hostel for tourists from all over the world, named Oki Doki Hostel. In 2020, it was awarded the title of the fourth best medium-sized hostel in the world according to the ratings given by guests sleeping here, booking their accommodation through the largest booking portal for travelers - hostelword.com!