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Once upon a time in a land near the stunning Vistula River, there were tales of Wars and Sawa. But hey, where did the name of that vibrant capital come from? Legends spill the beans, but one thing's for sure – it's all about the good vibes and warm hearts of the locals! Let's dive into these two epic versions of the legend:


🏰 Legend #1: King Kazimierz the Restorer, cruising from Krakow to Gniezno, stumbled upon a humble fisherman's shack. The aroma of freshly cooked fish lured him in, and oh boy, was it a feast! Amid the munching, the fisherman shared his joy about his adorable twins. But wait, there was no nearby temple for their christening! King Kazimierz, touched by their hospitality, offered gold for the meal, yet the hosts refused. Instead, he pledged to organize a grand ceremony and named the twins Wars and Sawa. The embankment became their altar, sealing the deal.


🌟🏞️ Legend #2: Picture this – a tiny hut along the Vistula River, home to the loving fisherman Wars and his wife Sawa. One day, Prince Ziemomysł, lost in the woods after a hunting trip, found refuge in their humble abode. The couple welcomed him with open arms. The next day, the grateful prince said "You did not hesitate to take a stranger under your roof and save him from hunger, cold, and perhaps from wild animals. That is why these lands will always be called Warszowa so that your goodness will not be forgotten." He blessed the land, declaring it to be known as Warszawa to immortalize their kindness.


And so, whether it's a king's gesture or a prince's gratitude, Wars and Sawa's goodness echoes through time, shaping the vibrant city we adore today!