St. Andrew’s Day

Do you want to know your future? Wanna know when and who will you marry? Or do you want to know where will you travel next?

On the night of the 29th of November, traditionally young women, now everyone celebrates st. Andrews day. It's a night of candles, magic and fortune-telling.

Do you know any of the most common traditions in Poland?

As this is the last day before the lent people celebrate with a feast but... also try to find out what their future will bring. As it's the special time when autumn changes into winter people believed it's the time when we get closer to the netherworld.

Perhaps it's not taken as serious as before anymore, however it can be a lot of fun and who knows, maybe it will be truth what you find out on that night.

  1. The most popular way to check the future is to pour melted wax into cold water, throu the hole in the key. Then when it congeals, check the shadow of the figure. Try to guess from the shape what will be your destiny.
  2. Pick your future wife's/husband's name from a heart- shaped paper. Write on one side as many names as possible. Then ask another person to put a pin into it and the name that is the closest to the hole will be the person's second half.
  3. Organise a shoe race to find out who will get married first. Everyone has to take off one shoe. Then starting from the end of the room put the shoes in a row and start putting the last shoe to the front one by one towards the door. The person whos shoe crosses the dorstep will get lucky/ unlucky first from the group and change his/her marital status.

Join us at Oki Doki's celebration of St. Andrews Day to know what is waiting for you.



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