Safe reception

  • The reception is secured with protective plexi screens, so that our employees can provide all hostel services while maintaining full security standards.
  • Hostel employees are required to regularly disinfect their hands and workplaces.
  • During check-in, guests must keep safe distance from each other (minimum 2 meters). There can be 2 guests at the reception at the same time (possibly a 2 + 2 family).
  • All people at the reception are required to cover their mouth and nose.
  • We encourage guests to make non-cash payments, we disinfect the terminal after each use.
  • Appropriate procedures have been implemented among our staff. Each employee has been trained in safety and recommendations of the Ministry of Health.
  • Our staff has been equipped with all means that are necessary for disinfection and cleanliness.
  • Hostel workers with cold symptoms are not allowed to work.

Safe rooms

  • After check-outs the rooms are additionally disinfected and ventilated.
  • For longer stays the rooms are cleaned on the third day of stay or when requested, in the guests' absence.

Safe common areas

  • We carry out intensive disinfection of rooms and common areas as well as doors, door handles, handrails, and cards for hostel rooms.
  • We provide additional disinfection points at guests' disposal, which are located in the common areas.
  • Instructions on hand disinfection and proper hand washing are displayed in visible places.


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