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There are three main railway stations in Warsaw – Western, Central and Eastern (in Polish: Zachodnia, Centralna, Wschodnia). Almost all of the trains pass through the Central Railway Station, so if you are planning a trip to Warsaw, ask for exact ticket – to Warszawa Centralna (this is it’s name in Polish).

Train Schedules are here, however it’s not possible, to check the prices of international connections on-line, so for thtat you have to go to the railwaystation itself.
There a few tricky things you need to know, when travelling with a train in Poland:

Types of trains in Poland

  • We have different kinds of trains with different speed and prices.
  • train4 The slowest (and cheapest) one is  “osobowy” – mostly for shorter rides.
  • train3Pospieszny” is faster and more expensive, but still not bad.
  • train1train2Ekspres”/IC – fastest and most reliable but also very expensive. For those trains you need to book a place, so even if you have an InterRail ticket, you need to pay extra.
  • train5 Lately new type of trains started to run – InterRegio – worth checking out – as fast as express trains, but at a half price! Also you can ask the tourist information (in the main hall of the Central Station) for help
  • If  you have any kind of InterRail/EURail ticket, remember that you need to reserve a place (for some extra fee) for InterCity and Express trains!
  • International student cards are not valid for discounts, however in InterCity and Express trains it’s possible to get special 26% discount if you are under26 years old.
  • How to read your ticket?


    Warsaw Central Station (Dworzec Warszawa Centralna)

    Warsaw Central Station might seem a little bit chaotic place, but it’s patroled by police all the time, so do not worry unneccesarily.

    If you want English speaking staff – you can go to the Intercity part in the main hall, but you can buy tickets all over the place. It’s also important to know, that there is the Tourist Information in the main hall, so if you don’t want to get lost on your way to the hotel/hostel – ask for a map and guidelines there! You can also ask for a hint on a good taxi company – avoid bad marked cars, as they can ask for more money than they should.


    Where to stay?

    If you are looking for good accomodation you can also ask in the Tourist office (they have knowledge of free places for the day) or check for example “Oki Doki Hostel (if you’re on a budget) or Castle Inn (if you want to feel a little bit of luxury…)

    Travelling to/from Warsaw by bus?

    Travelling to/from Warsaw by plane?

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