Open Air Warsaw

Kino Perła – Kredytowa 9, open-air cinema, next to our door. Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday different films in original language versions. Agenda:

Multimedia Park Fountain – located at a lovely site between the Old Town and the Wisla river. Over 360 computer-controlled nozzles eject streams of water that form amazing shapes. Laser concert every Friday & Saturday at 21.30, free shows,

Wisła (Vistula) – the last wild river in Europe, where you can go for picnics on the riverside. There are plenty of green spaces, pubs, and bars on the right bank, and you can even rent a boat. In summer use the water tram or free ferry. Cruises on the Vistula River are available in traditional wooden boats. See Poland from the most beautiful side - the riverside! Tours are available from the short, one hour ride to the longer multiple-day trip. You can also rent a sailboat and sail on the Vistula River, with prices starting around 150 PLN per hour including the skipper. Longer cruises are available by special request.

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