Oki Doki City

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  1. Egemen
    The staff was the most helpful and friendly staff I've ever met. They help you in any way. Besides they organize a lot of activities such as beer pong and pub crawling. I even got to learn how to cook pierogis. Despite I had arrived to hostel alone, I met dozens of good people and had lots of fun.
  2. Laura
    One of the most sociable hostels I've stayed at. Lots of activities from cooking classes to pubcrawls where you meet a lot of nice people. The staff are super-friendly and the board games in the bar are fun too...
  3. Khalid_J
    Great location. Great place to socialize with other travellers. Excellent facilties.
  4. Margarida
    I totally reccommend that place to everyone that wants to socialize with other guests and meet people for all over the world! Unforgettable experience, free events and super friendly staff :) Cheers for handsome bartender!
  5. George
    Unforgettable place. For everyone who likes to be among young people , maybe to find new friends.
  6. Ilona
    Wiele razy już nocowaliśmy w Oki Doki i czujemy się tu swobodnie jak u przyjaciół, do których zawsze wraca się z przyjemnością. Poza tym hostel znajduje się w doskonałej lokalizacji. :))
  7. Julia
    Great location, friendly services, nice rooms and good prices. I totally reccommend this hostel!

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