Group Reservations and Special Offers

Travelling with a group of friends? Organising a school trip?

Write to and let us help you plan your trip.

Looking for the best accommodation in Warsaw for a group? You are in the right place. Stay with us and enjoy it to the fullest.

Check our group offer valid from October until April.

  1. Best price. Most attractive prices if you book directly. Special group discounts.
  2. Stay in the best locations in Warsaw.
    Do you need a hostel in the city center? Walking distance from the main train station and the vibrant atmosphere of the city - then Oki Doki City is a place for you.
    Would you like to stay in the Old Town - close to many attractions? Check out modern Oki Doki Old Town.
  3. We want to make sure that our groups have the easiest and most comfortable stay by providing the reservation and services according to your needs, that’s why please specify what kind of group is yours (school, family, friends, culture, music, party, stag, special events, other). Our group booking coordinators will help you out with every detail of your trip.
  4. Get a delicious and rich breakfast at the hostel for a special discounted price. Need to organise dinner or lunchpacks for your group? Contact us in advance and we will try to help with that too.


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