Public Transport

Visit to find your way.
Trams: one or two-digit numbers, day buses: three-digit numbers, night buses: N plus two digits, run from 23:15 – 4.30,

Metro: 1 line, 2 directions-MŁOCINY and KABATY, run from 5:00 until 0:30 ( Fri-Sat until 2:30)
Tickets: (1 ticket = jeden bilet / yeh-den be-let) single ticket* - 4,40zł: valid 75 min. from its validation* 1-day ticket* - 15zł: valid 24 hours from its validation* weekend ticket*- 24zł: valid FRI/19:00-MON/8:00 group weekend ticket* - 40zł: for max. 5 people valid FRI/19:00-MON/8:00) *unlimited number of journeys

Veturilo city bikes: can be hired either by *registering on the webpage and paying an initial fee of 10 PLN via the webpage or by *registering by credit card at the terminal located at every bicycle station. The first 20 minutes you cycle for free. The bikes are available around the clock, for 9 months of the year – from 1st March till 30th November.

Taxi: make sure to enter vehicles marked with the Warsaw crest (the mermaid) and red and yellow stripes, and an information sign about the kilometre tariff, located in the window of the right back door. The transit from Chopin airport to the city centre will cost around 30-40 zlotys. (maximum rates legally permitted: initial fee 8 PLN +3 PLN/km, Sun and holidays 4,50 PLN/km)

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